Doomsday Roku 5.4 8pk

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Doomsday Roku 5.4

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8 piece bag.

Length: 5 1/2" on avg

Weight: 11g on avg

Recomended Hook Size: Wacky Hook, Worm Hook 3/0-4/0, EWG 3/0-4/0

The Doomsday Roku is a new twist on a classic design. It is not your normal fat heavy salted worm and it is not your normal thin finesse worm. The Roku finds itself in the middle, which means it can be used in any of your favorite finesse presentations. But where it really shines is in the rig that is the secret most Pro's are not telling you, the “Neko Rig”. Stick a nail weight in the nose and a wacky hook through the "O" of DTCo and fish it like you would a Shaky Head and get ready to cull. The unique six sided profile allows this bait to shimmy and shake while giving off huge amounts of flash, causing bites from even the most picky fish.