Doomsday Mauler 4.2

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Doomsday Mauler 4.2,

Size: 4.2” on avg

Weight: 1/2 oz / 11g

The Doomsday Mauler 4.2 is a cross between the Doomsday Devastator 3.8 and the Fatman 4.8.  It's back hooked, flanged arms flap erratically while it's larger front appendages have a larger more prominent kick. The body of the Mauler 4.2 is extremely durable preventing large flipping hooks from tearing up the bait, allowing you to use it fish after fish.  Fish it on a 5/0 EWG or 5/0 flipping hook and enjoy your day of flipping and pitching flooded timber!