Doomsday LittleBoy 4.8

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Doomsday LittleBoy 4.8,

Size: 4.8” on avg

Weight: 3/8 oz / 12g

The LittleBoy 4.8  is unlike any other swimbait on the market today. Unlike most swimbaits the LittleBoy 4.8 is wider than it is tall. This partnered with a hybrid ribbed body, that allows the center of gravity to reside in the belly, causes the bait to roll back and forth, 180 degrees, while being retrieved.  This innovation causes the head of the bait to hunt left to right. It also features a hinged tail section that allows the tail to kick and roll at any speed. These features combined have produced an iresistible action that will never roll over regardless of how it’s rigged.  Fish it on a Texas rig, swim jig, bladed jig, roundhead jig, wobble head or any other rig you can imagine. It’s extremely durable and lasts fish after fish.