Doomsday Laggin' Dragon 5.4

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The Doomsday Laggin’ Dragon 5.4 is one of the most exciting baits to hit the market in a while. Just looking at the shape of this bait will not give you a hint to the type of action this bait will become famous for. Do you fish it like a stick bait? Do you fish it like a Jerk Bait? The answer is all of the above! Weightless Texas-Rig this bait with a 5/0 EWG and fish it the same way you would a stick bait and the tail of this bait swishes back and forth as it falls. Jerk it slow and watch it walk back and forth extremely wide. Give it back slack line after the Jerk and watch it turn 180 degrees and swim away from you right into the fish's face. It will take all of your self-control to not jump in and bite the bait yourself!