Doomsday FatMan 4.6 6pk

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6pcs per pack.

Weight on avg; 1/2oz

Recommended Hook: 4/0-5/0

It takes a FatMan to get through the junk and Doomsday Tackle Company has delivered. The FatMan 4.6 weighs a half-ounce and is designed for flipping and penetrating heavy cover. It has a high-turbulence ribbed body and tail that moves far more water than thin ribbed or traditional baits. The FatMan is packed with Doomsday’s exclusive Nano Salt that bass can’t resist. This salt adds extra weight yet doesn’t compromise the durability. Our process allows the addition of up to 20 percent more salt per volume than traditional salted baits without losing structural integrity in the plastic. The salt not only adds weight but also acts as an attractant to bass.